Meet Symphoria


Symphoria is a diverse group of talented musicians. We hail from Poland and Pennsylvania, Texas and Bulgaria, Manitoba, Missouri and many other places around the globe, but we live and work in Syracuse and Central New York.  And, we love to perform!  

Symphoria is the orchestra of Musical Associates of CNY, a not-for-profit organization made up of nearly 50 members of the former Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. Our musicians have attended the very best music schools in the country. Music is our passion. 

Despite its financial woes, the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra was considered to be one of America’s top 50 orchestras, having played at Carnegie Hall several times. Talented performers were attracted to join the SSO because of the quality of the musicians and because of the quality of life in Central New York. After nearly 5 decades the SSO closed its doors, but many of us decided that we wanted to stay in Syracuse.  We’re a part of the community. We give lessons to your sons and daughters, serve on community boards, and volunteer our time.  
We’re here to stay because we believe that music makes a difference in our community. Good music provides the region with cultural opportunities that enhance the quality of Central New York life. We’ve been making music all of our lives and we’re committed to keeping symphonic music alive in Central New York. 
In the coming months we’ll be providing a detailed list of who’s who in Symphoria. We hope that as you get to know us, you’ll help us celebrate the arts with great music.